/sɪˈriːn/ (adj.) completely clear and fine.

The Tagaytay Trip


Since Tagaytay is one of the place that my family and I usually visit especially during summer, I’d like to share what is this place all about. Well, what makes Tagaytay special is their environment. Because of it, you can easily feel how comfortable it is. The fresh air, the smell of the nature and the beautiful landscapes that you can see. The place do have many tourist destination that’s why you can never be bored. You can ride a ferris wheel at their theme park, horseback riding, and ziplining at their Picnic Grove.


What we always do is we go picnics of course. We go for long walks because the more you explore the place, the more things you can discover.


A shoe selfie with my sister (yay)

You can even visit Tierra de Maria as for your spiritual journey and Museo Orlina for glass sculpture seeing. But now only that, you can see also the Taal Volcano just sitting in the Picnic Grove. The perfect view will be before sunrise and sunset.

If you want to know more, click here.

That’s for the word ‘Serene’ and I think it suits the place Tagaytay because of it’s fine and quiet place. I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Love, Emi


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