\ˈləsh\ (adj.) covered with healthy green plants.

The Lamesa Eco Park Trip

Just in case you’re nature lover, this is for you.

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Last December, we visit Lamesa Eco Park which located in Quezon City in Philippines. Even though, I only visited it once. The environment capture the inner soul of mine. Like I could literally dance all day through these greenish floor.

Anways, before we entered the main place, we went for long walk and the path wherein it’s full of tall trees which I can probably called it ‘mini forest’. It felt scary for the first time of course because I’ve never been into forest before. But somehow, I also felt amazed by the place because they maintain the beauty of it’s surroundings.wp-1493031901679.The place is perfect for picnics. You can pick any spot, lay a blanket and get some rest. Accept the nature itself. After getting some rest, you can explore the place and take some pictures.

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It’s the best if you’ll bring your family, friend along and enjoy the nature.

That’s for the word ‘Lush’ and I think it suits the place Lamesa Eco Park because of it’s greenish place. I hope you enjoy! 🙂

Love, Emi


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