Hello everyone, my name is Jemimah (you can call me ‘Emi’, if you want to) and I welcome you to the place where I put my thoughts on everything.

          Just a little bit of myself, I guess. I am a follower of God since when I was little. God is my potion and my strength, in short my everything. I put all my trust in Him. I am a huge lover of cold coffees and books. I sometimes, collect books and leave it unread which is also called tsundoku. I do love photography, taking pictures of place that I visited and things that I love. I also love exploring across my country and across the world. I’m fangirling over boy-who-doesn’t-exist and boy-who-don’t-know-i-exist. Also, I’m obsessed with chocolate. Probably, everything about it except the plain chocolate ice cream ahe. I spend my free time on reading either novel or manga, watching anime or tv series, coding but sometimes I fail because there are too many design that’s popping in my mind, editing, and making stuffs.

Thank you for reading and visiting my blog. If you want to talk to me, you can leave the message and I would love to talk to you. Hope you have a good day!


All the love, Emi